Signature Maintenance terrazzo repair and restoration

Cracks, delamination, broken sections, unwanted metal anchors - all these blemishes detract from the appearance of your fine terrazzo or stone floor. We can provide repairs for all of these problems that will improve the structural integrity of your floor as well as the aesthetics. We specialize in the matching of your existing colors and patterns. For an extra stunning effect, Signature Maintenance can also install new, tasteful accents of a contrasting color.

Broken or worn terrazzo stair treads can be repaired and matched to the original. Cracks can be filled and leveled. Anchors can be removed and the holes neatly filled and polished. Signature Maintenance can do it all for you!

Before and After

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Anchor Removal and Repair
High School Corridor - New Oxford, PA

Structural Crack Repair (Installed Expansion Joint)
High School Corridor - King of Prussia, PA

Door Jamb Repair
School District Admin. Bldg. - Conawago Twp., PA

Delaminated Terrazzo Repair
Community College - Blue Bell, PA

Facility Addition - Transition Repair
High School Corridor - New Oxford, PA

Pre-cast Cove Base - Replicate to Floor
Elementary School - Dover, DE

Blow-out Repair
High School Corridor - Upper Merion, PA

Design Inlays
Church - Wilmington, DE


Repair and conserve fine terrazzo
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